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Whining Avoidance April 2, 2006

Posted by becoming in Becoming Healthy.

Alright, in retrospect that last post sounded pretty much like whining.

During the first couple of days post-surgery, even though I did seem a bit mentally foggy (which still seems to continue to a degree, darn it!), I consciously resolved to stay positive with regard to all this new crap in my life. Already, this has proved to be not an easy promise to keep to myself, but I am convinced that giving truly my best efforts in that endeavor are crucial.

Yes, there are a heck of a lot of foods that I'm really going to miss. I'm going to miss (at least initially) the sensation of fullness that comes from eating as much as I want. I can already tell that "portion-control" is going to be something of a struggle.

What I must focus upon is that I can still enjoy cooking and eating. Many old favorite dishes and techniques are things I'm now going to have to avoid. But there remains a world of possibilities out there. I must take it as my personal challenge to find new favorite dishes, new techniques, new flavor combinations with which to reward my palate.

I can do this. I have a partner who's very open to culinary exploration. I'm a pretty darned good cook, and I love learning new things. I have considerable resources at my fingertips (i.e., in my bookcase) and know how to reach a vast wealth thereof online.

It's time to wrap up the mourning and get to work.



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