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Back in the Saddle Again April 21, 2006

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Well, it’s been just over two weeks since I’ve taken the time to write here. They’ve been a very busy two weeks. Probably not so busy that I couldn’t have found the time…. But, I kind of promised myself no recriminations if/when something like that happened.

The thing is, so much has happened that it’s going to be difficult to even summarize it all So what comes next is going to be more of a strange sort of highlights reel.

Going back to work on Monday the 10th was nice. Several coworkers expressed some genuine, sincere, really-glad-you’re-back sentiments. Some others felt more comfortable going the route of good-natured kidding: “It’s about time you got back,” or “Some people will do anything for a few days off!” It was all appreciated. It was very pleasant to sense that I had really been missed… and even that my absence had raised some awareness of just how hard I worked there, of the volume of work that I did.

Two months or more ago I had been promised that, just as soon as circumstances allowed, I would be transitioning away from my responsibilities in human resources and payroll into a new role — IT. No, not “it”… Eye Tea …the magical enchanted land of Information Technology. For me, in many ways, a dream job.

Basically, since about the time I bought my first “real” computer (a very used, very bare-bones 286 with a 40 Mb HD and not enough memory to run Windows 3.1), I have realized that I love working with computers. The more knowledge, the more skills I acquired the more I enjoyed time at the keyboard. I revelled in the fact that I was virtually entirely self-taught. But when I did finally take a couple of programming classes at the U of A, it felt like cominghome to a world I had never seen before.

So, on the 10th I was more than anxious for the transition to begin… and more than a little disappointed that it did not commence immediately. (more…)